College of Business
Professional Mentoring Program

This program is not currently accepting new members.

College juniors and seniors connect with seasoned business professionals in this unique program designed to help students gain insights into their goals and explore professional opportunities available after graduation. Software matches mentors and mentees based on career interests and knowledge areas. Through the program, mentees learn professional and life skills they carry into their careers, and mentors use their expertise to guide the next generation of business leaders.

Why Become a Mentor?

  • SHARE experience and expertise with students
  • APPLY mentoring to your professional life
  • STRENGTHEN interpersonal skills
  • INCREASE professional networking opportunities
  • SUPPORT student transitions between academic and professional careers

Why Become a Mentee?

  • GAIN practical experience and new insights
  • IMPROVE your confidence and professional skillset
  • EXPLORE new opportunities for your career path
  • BUILD your professional network
  • LEARN more about yourself and what you can accomplish as a young professional

I have been able to grow in so many different ways, professionally, intellectually and emotionally. This experience has really given me a great opportunity. - Mentee, COB Professional Mentoring Program

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